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Are you afraid to be rejected, denied or not to be good enough ?

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Welcome to your first step in the next stage of your personal growth and spiritual development!
Spiritual development is developing of your personal qualities and virtues.

Dear friend! Life is too precious to keep running in patterns which essentially don’t belong to the real YOU. You often learned in your education to practice certain behaviors, which you needed at one point of time as a survival strategy, but later in life these patterns can become an obstacle in your further development.

You are born with talents as a gift from life to you. Your gift to life is to give your talents to the people and thereby to the world. By doing this you develop your talents in the most powerful way!


Do you have the idea that you live to the fullest expression of your heart and soul?

When you answer is yes, Congratulations, you have done very well in your life! But, when you answer is no, which figure would you like to give to yourself on a scale from 0 to 10? And then…How it comes that you come up with that figure? What do you like to change? And what is stopping you from doing it?
Fear is one of the biggest impulses which motvates human behavior. But guess what..Most of the decisions we made in life based on fear are wrong! Check for example the following questions:

Do you dare to take your place in your own life?

Do you say often Yes and you regret afterwards because you realize that you real answer was actually No?

Do you have a natural pattern of stepping back, while you are longing in your heart to step forward?

Do you feel quick guilty?

Do you take often a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders?

Are you working hard and you give yourself for more than 100 % to achieve what you want?

Do you find that you have to know everything about a certain subject before you come in action in this?

Are you promising things which you can not fulfill or you fulfill them black-white so that you come to short in this?

Are you a perfectionist and therefore you block yourself in your actions?

Are you attacked by panic in recent time?

Do you have often hurry up and you need to do everything in the last moment?

Do you stay in your fear and you think of all the scenarios in advance before you come into action?

Do you always choose for the most difficult way to do things?

Are you afraid from getting a lot of attention and you become uncertain when that happens?

And do you behave like a follower, while deep inside you feel that you are a leader?

If you answered with ‘yes’ on at least three from the above questions, then I can help you! I’ve struggled through the above things in my life and I’ve found my way to overcome them. Therefore I can guide you herein well! Namely, as a Transformation coach I can help you to do the most creative thing a human being can do. That is to go through the fear of resistance. Then a lot of creative energy will become free which automatically connects with the needed transformation energy to change substantially in your heart that what you initially feared.

You will change in the way that you:

will determine your own course in your own life,
can get done much more with less energy,
will become more fulfilled, joyful and happier person,
can define and live according to your own values and norms!

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Let’s meet smile !

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