Welcome on my website! I’m Natasha Martinoska. I love people and I love life. My purpose in life is to help you develop in your strongest qualities/talents. That is my mission! I do this by helping you to recognize your strongest qualities, to build them up and to purify all the obstacles which are blocking the light which is shining from your heart   .

I believe that you also have the right to get the chance(s) in your life to develop to the fullest of your potential and to live the life you are destined to live. And in this way to be able to live a more happy, more healthy and a more valuable and fulfilled life.

You attract what you are.

No matter how difficult life sometimes seems to be, you have always your own part in what is happening to you. I have a way to help you understand this and learn to transform your weaknesses / growing opportunities into strength. As a result, a lot of energy is becoming free and you can make your dreams true and achieve incredible things in life!

In our society today, during your education and schooling, it is most likely that you didn’t learn how to go own with difficulties/challenges in life; where you are good at and how you can deal with problems in a positive way. Thus, everybody is left on him(her)self to find this out. Furthermore in our culture, you are often educated to show only your strong sides to the outside world. But to me, this doesn’t seem realistic in life!

Vulnerability is much greater strength, than carrying a strong mask pretending that everything is OK, when it is not. Only because you want to belong to. The three biggest reasons that you don’t act in what you really want are:

the fear be rejected / denied,
the fear not to be good enough (perfectionist),
the fear to be left (the fear of loneliness).

I’ve seen very often in my life how people, driven by fear, cut their wings by themselves. And this is what I like to address together with you and to help you fight against. The opposite of fear is COURAGE! The opposite of fear is FREEDOM! The opposite of fear is JOY & INDEPENDENCE!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson

You’ll learn to see difficulties in life as stepping stones in your development to the next level. Also you’ll learn that without pain in life, you can not grow. When life should be always happy, there is no impulse to change, you should always stay the same. But life does not want that. Thus, when you don’t challenge life, life will challenge you!

My strongest quality is profoundness. Since very young I’ve been self-reflective and was trying to find the pure reasons that are motivating people’s behavior. I was always puzzling. And I love to see people growing and developing. Therefore, choosing to work as a transformation coach was very natural for me.

For longer time in my life, I felt second class as a human being, so I know how it feels to be lonely and to feel that you don’t belong. And that is not a nice place to be. Since I’ve gone through it, I experience my life now as a blessing and know how to deal with problems / challenges. And today I am very grateful for the upbringing I’ve had from my (grand) parents, for my education and life experience, for my marriage with a very talented man (who is also working in helping people and organizations), and for my work with clients. I’m here to serve, I strive to excellence in my (work) life and I stay open for learning. And I’m here to give the best of my qualities/talents to you!

Let’s meet smile !

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