Hallo dear people!

I’ve noticed in my work as a coach that many people today think and act from too short. Namely, the majority of people often tend to look at what they don’t have in their life!

And often people have many excuses not to start doing or working on what they really want, so they decide to stay in the shadow. Some are calling that the comfort zone. But, the comfort zone is not comfortable at all! It is a painful place to be, because it means staying in the fear.

Namely, what happens essentially is that people are often afraid to take responsibilities and to stand in the light. People often have the idea that if they take more responsibilities on their shoulders, their life is going to be heavier. But this fear is projected fear and an illusion. By deciding to stand in the light, so much suppressed energy and strength will become free; the people will spread their wings and will just shine!

From my own life experience and from my experience as a coach I’ve noticed that people who don’t succeed in their life, are too busy with their own shortcomings. That was my inspiration to make this video, to tell that people should look at their good qualities and also at the good qualities of other people. Where the attention goes, the energy flows!

By meditating on the good qualities, the self-confidence grows too, the fears become less and the joy will become more in Life!

I hope you enjoy my video! Thanks for watching and I wish you a great day!

Warm greetings and much love!



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