Many people today live in a hurry. Time has become so precious today. Living in a hurry for some people has become a way of life.

I also had this constant rush in my life. Until I understood that when I do the things in a hurry I arrive later at my goal. This was a huge lesson for me and my inspiration to make this video!

In my work as a coach I see that this issue is also present in the life of the people I work with. And this attitude has more aspects:

1) To hurry up breaks you down!

2) Decisions made in a hurry  are often not the right ones!

3) To hurry means not to have trust in life that life will give you on time what you need.

4) To hurry slows you down!

In this video I give 5 tips how to go on with this issue.

I hope you find these useful.

Thank you for watching! A wish you a great day! 

Warm greetings,



PS: I’ve made another video about “Do you know your own rhytm”?

You can watch this via this link:


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