How it comes that most of the people don’t have in their life what they really want? The answer is simple, because of fear.

But do you know that everything you want is on the other side of fear. There is your energy, joy and happiness in life!

I can help you to recognize the patterns which hinder your development and let them go, to learn to withdraw the projections from the past and to focus on the Here and NOW. On what you need to do to achieve your specific personal goals. I can also help you to learn to make good choices in wisdom and understanding. You’ll learn to listen more to you inner voice and to trust your feelings.

Further, you’ll learn how to strengthen your will and develop a system that supports you in achieving your dreams. Without a personal plan and focus, you can not reach what you want to achieve. You’ll also learn spiritual laws (logical developments of your qualities) and how they manifest themselves in your life. You’ll become aware of your talents and your growing opportunities.You’ll get insights and an overview of yourself, your actions and your role within your own environment. This will help you to get more energy, to keep your borders on time and to strengthen your mental and physical health.

And often, it is easier than you think. You will notice that a number of things you’ll change automatically, only by increasing your awareness and getting an insight over your own life situation.
The first appointment is free of charge. In this talk we will look together at your underlying needs, consciously and unconsciously, at your goals and at your growing opportunities.

“Watch your thoughts, they are the beginning of your deeds. If you want to know how you think, look at what you do. Your own actions confirm to this truth! And you can change only if you really want.” – Ton Creemers

My purpose in my life is to help you to bring the best in you up, to bring your strongest qualities/talents to the sunlight! People tell me still that I have harmonizing energy with me, which supports them to eliminate the conflicts (polarization) in them. Together with the coaching process this builds faster on confidence, peace, space, strength and perseverance. I work holistically and I don’t use specific methods, a human being is much more than a method. For me everyone is unique and deserves a tailored guidance.

Happiness for me is when you listen to the positive voice of your heart and you learn to follow it. When you know how to deal in a positive way with difficult situations in life and how to make good choices. Happiness comes from growth! And it’s always nice to have relationships and people around you who try to support you and understand you in a positive way. But you must do something. You have to want it. Stop hesitating and take action!

Are you afraid to be rejected, denied or not to be good enough ?

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